Production tooling

In an industry like ours quality and attention to detail is one of the cornerstones of success, and something we consider vital our production process.

From the very beginning of the production of any of our products, tools are designed to ensure the accuracy and durability of the product to be developed.

The staff in our technical and quality control departments, are equipped with the very latest testing tools, ensuring the highest standard of quality of the final product.

Our experienced team of highly qualified experts, together with some of the most technologically advanced equipment at their disposal, work on the development of dies and tooling, which in turn has placed us in a the best possible position to provide customers with solutions according to their requirements in not only cost, quality and service but also in innovation.



The development of new and innovative products is the key in breaking into the market, so we have perfected the process of creating new components and testing the prototype manufacturing process, which means significant savings in time and money.

Our technical and quality control departments will create the necessary quality tooling, templates, testers, etc. so that customers may have prototype parts to conduct all necessary tests prior to the manufacture of final tooling and parts, advising the customer about the best possible way to develop the product while at the same time reducing costs.